tisdag 30 oktober 2012


I find it strange that so many people I've talked to in the last few days are very lacking in a simple analysis of power. Who has it, and who doesn't. I have to often remind myself that not everyone knows what I know.
For example, in most situations, a patient being treated has less power than the doctor treating her or him. Therefore I think it is perfectly reasonable that the patients request for, let's say, a female gynecologist is fulfilled  Know what I mean?
A patient might decline treatment from a male gynecologist, not because he is a bad gynecologist, the patients doesn't know if this is the case. More often is has to do with the role men play in our society, and before that is addressed an remedied I fully understand those who feels less safe in the hands of a male physician. We should be able to choose who we allow access to our private parts (whichever those might be) if there are alternatives.