måndag 27 juli 2009

Amning - Breastfeeding in sweden

Today I write about breastfeeding in Sweden. The statistics are taken from

Statistics – Health and Diseases
Breast-feeding, children born 2000
The National Board of Health and Welfare
Centre for Epidemiology

In sweden, 92,6 of all children born 2000 were exclusivly breastfed at one week of age. That's 82 920 children. Only 1,7 percent were not breastfeed at al.
In my city, Gothenburg 90,5 % were exclusivly breastfed at one week.

At the two month mark 80% of the swedish children and 77,9 of the children i Gothenburg were being exclusivly breastfed.

At the four month mark 68,3% of the swedish children and 65,5 of the children i Gothenburg were being exclusivly breastfed. This is where I am at now. I'm a part of the 65,5 percent. I have hopes of getting to the six month mark of exclusive breastfeeding.
At that age, 33,4% of swedish children born 2000 was being exclusivly breastfed. 26,1% of the city kids.

In sweden the recomendations for starting solids were 4 months in 2000. It just recently changed to 6 months old due to WHO recommendations. But when I went to parenting class they undermined WHO:s message by saying it didn't really apply to sweden...
I think I'd rather go with WHO on this one.
The old recommendation I heard came from a leaflet distributed by Semper, a private company. But a lot of midwives have worked with this recommendation for a long timeand not really cared about the changes.

At the BVC - Child Care Central they still give info about solids a four months old. But they did not push us. And they were focused on how we could make our own baby food, and that it should be organic due to pesticides.

I have to go to work soon, it's monday. But I will write more on this subject. We havent even touched the narrow norm or extended breastfeeding.


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