torsdag 7 oktober 2010

Dairy free Bacon dipping sauce

white flour
oat creamer

Fry small pieces of organic bacon in a iron cast frying pan. When there is some lard greasing the pan, add chopped onion, sligtly less amount than the bacon. Add a little bit of green leek, mainly for color. For a slight tinge of sweet and sour, add some tiny cubes of apple just before you add slightly less than a table spoon of wheat flour by sifting it over the frying items in the pan. Add 1/4 cup of oat creamer ( I use Oatleys iMat) and stir until the creamer and the flour makes the sauce thick. Some say this takes 2-5 minutes, to avoid the taste of flour. You can add soy for color.

I had this to dip my potato wedges when I had a lunch made up of what I had at home.

The bacon came from an opened package. I try to always have onions and flour at home. The leek was left over after making leek soup. The apple came from friends apple tree. The oat creamer was left over after I made vanilla custard.

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