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My second birth

I am going to tell the story of a birth that was as near my version of perfect as was possible.
In the evening of April 23:rd, 2012, our 3 year old daughter BB was up late, and finally both me and my Partner had gone to lie besides her until she fell asleep. I was 38 weeks and four days pregnant and as I lay still besides her, I did feel a bit uncomfortable.
Earlier that day, at about noon, I realized that I had not felt that much movement , and not much the day before that, on the 22:nd. I called my midwife's office and when Anna called me back she advised me to call the hospital and head in for a Cardiotocography (CTG), just in case. I felt pretty calm but also that a ctg wasn't a big deal so could as well do it.
Calling friend Frida,  who agreed to give me a ride as soon as we both had eaten. I made an easy to make mushroom and onion soup and just felt a tad nervous as I ate it. She picked me up, drove me to the womens hospital building and while she found a parking space I sat down in a waiting room full of women i different stages of pregnancy. She soon joined me in the waiting room, and got me some water to drink, which to my relief, got some kicks in response. The nurses who hooked me up to the cardiotocograph, by coincidence were also named Karin and Frida, which we laughed about. Then came about 35 minutes hooked up, during which we were pretty much left alone.

Frida got me another glass of cold water towards the end and once more I felt movement, something that was also visible on the graph. During the time I was hooked up, I had two tiny contractions and two slightly bigger ones. All in all, everything looked great. We got back to her car. On our way back I did feel uncomfortable e few times, and I joked with Frida that she might have to drive me back to the hospital later that evening.
So, let's return to the evening. As our 3 year old settled next to me, and fell asleep at about  10pm, I was getting quite sure I was indeed having contractions. Partner was busy doing this weeks laundry and had to get back to that and we were both uncertain if this really was it. I got back out of bed and downloaded an app to my phone that measures contractions. I started recording on it at 10:15 pm. The contractions where between 10 and 8 minutes apart. No bloody show, just contractions. I tried eating a light snack and drink some juice.
 I sent Frida, who was going to babysit, a heads up text message at 22:39 and the Doula one at 23:14, I wrote in the message to the Doula that I was getting in the bath. Getting into the bath I contracted every 4-5 minutes, but they spaced out while I was in the warm bath. After getting out of the bath I mostly labored on the sofa, with Partner providing counter pressure in the small of my back. I knew it was the real thing, but it didn't hurt any worse than when I was still in the latent phase with BB. Maybe even that much. Still called the hospital to let them know at 23:24.
We called Frida again at 01:22 to tell her it was time to come over and the Doula at 01.27. Contractions were coming at 3-4 minutes apart. Frida made it first, since she lives nearby, and we chatted for while . I remember describing the labor pains to Frida as a pins and needles, combined with a burning sensation in the small of my back. About half way into the contraction, the pain "turned" and I felt my system flood with endorphins, reducing the pain. It wasn't long until the doula arrived, at which point I stopped timing the contractions to instead turn inwards and go with the flow. And what a flow it was. I varied between hugging the birth ball we just gotten, while standing on my knees, and coached by the Doula to lie on my back and try to relax my pelvis. I did not think I would be able to but to my surprise it did work. I had Partner, Frida and the Doula to provide emotional support and when the pain was bad Partner and Doula provided counter pressure which helped so much. The doula also tried holding my hips toghether, which felt nice.
02:52 Partner called a cab. I had tried standing up, and had a horrible contraction, sending me to the floor. I was no longer able to use the bathroom and any movement towards standing, provoked horrible labor which now came at about 2 minutes intervalls. I also told Partner and the doula that I was "feeling kind of nauseous".
The cab was here in the time it took to get my socks on. I collapsed again, trying to get my shoes on, then after that contraction was done, I reached deep within myself, opened the door and walked, very briskly, across the yard towards the cab. The Doula caught up with me and said something about my renewed vigor and I just hissed "get that door open". She immediatly rushed ahead and opened the back door and I slid in and surrendered to another bad contraction. They strapped me in but this one contraction did not want to stop and lasted for almost 10 minutes as I frantically tried to grab on to something in the car, grabbing partner and going from moaning to shrieking. The cab driver said nothing but got us to the hospital in 15-20 minutes in which time I had two more normal contractions. As we got to the entrance I realised that meant we had to push the bell...I just lay down on a gurney and told the doula to press as Partner was paying the driver. She really had to strech, trying to maintain body contact with me and ring the bell at the same time. The doors unlocked, then locked again, unlocked, locked again. I was fully aware at this stage, but wasn't really able to say very much, give the doula or partner any instructions or wished.
The gurney, picture taken the next day.

Suddenly a Midwife in training showed up...her name? Karin (although not the same Karin as the day before) and we got through the doors. But once more I sank to the floor and would not budge. I don't know if it was me or Partner who said I needed a wheel chair but Karin had one there in the blink of an eye and I was wheeled into the labor and delivery ward. Karin tried to point out her mentor, Midwife Lisa, but I did not care, I wanted Karin. We all entered room 10 and between contrations I got up on the bed, and immediatly felt I wanted to lie on my left. This must have been at 03:30. Someone asked I felt I had to push, if I felt downwards pressure and I was going to say no but then had to answe YES! I asked for the gas, someone turned it on and the doula handed me the mask, which unfortunatly popped of. I told them, moaned, that "here comes the water!" as I began pushing and felt a trickle besides what must have been the babies head. At this time they where trying to get me into a CTG but realised it was pointless and instead got my pants and underwear of, and yes, there was the head! I had done it! I had completed labour at home and was just going to deliver at the hospital. Mainly using the gas during the "ring of fire" moments, I moaned and shrieked, also cussed quite a bit. Then the older midwife said they needed me on my back and everyone encouraged me to relax my legs and pelvis.

Karin asked if I wanted to feel the babies hair. I did and it felt amazing, then I birthed her head and body in just one push. The cord was wrapped loosly around her neck, which was easily fixed. She was born 03:46, 16 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. Seconds after that she was on my chest. 

I had written a first draft of a birth letter, and put some scribbles on it after meeting with my midwife and doula, but then there was never time to rewrite it, but still, the hospital personel followed to my satifaction. One of those things was that they respectfully asked if I wanted a shot of syntocinon to expel the placenta and to reduce further bleeding. I gave my concent and about 10 minutes after that the placenta came out. While we waited, and marvelled over our second daughter, I suddely asked if I could cut the cord now that it had stopped pulsating. If it was long enough. Sure, Karin replied, getting the cord cutting scissors out.
No one tried to get the baby out of my arms either. The baby had done the breast crawl and latched after resting a little.

 I was given two stiches by Karin and all the medical personel left the room and I was told to ring the bell when I wanted to measure her, no pressure. They sent in breakfast for me, the doula and Partner. After two hours I asked Partner to hold her while I used the rest room. 

With her dad.

Karin returned at the end of her shift and thanked us for letting be part of the birth, well at least "the last 16 minutes of it". Me and partner sent the doula home to her own family at about 6:30 in the morning. Partner fell asleep and so did the baby. At 9:30 she woke up and I asked that her measurments be taken. 2940 grams (6lb 7.7 oz), 48 centimeters (18.89 in).

It was absolutley lovely and I am very pleased with how the birth played out. It was much less painful, probably due to less back labour, no rupturing of the membranes, no failed epidural and no pitocin drip during labour. Since this was 5.5 hours start to finish, in comparison to the almost 30 hour last time I was elated and only had two 20 minute naps during the following day.

Introducing CC

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  1. Lovely! I really enjoyed reading that! Am interested as to why they wanted you on your back?