onsdag 27 juni 2012

Runners High

It's time. I can feel it sizzling away in my body for the last couple of days. I'm ready to run again. Post partum bleeding stopped a couple of weeks ago, midwife says everything is looking good, my iron levels and blood pressure are perfect. Reassured by this basic physical I get my running shoes out of the closet.

174+ kilometers 
They are worn, dirty, red paint splashed across them. New ones are expensive and will have to wait. I just want to don my running shoes. I breastfeed my 9 week old to sleep, have a bit of conversation with my 3 yo that I'm just going to be gone for a short while. A kiss on Partners cheek and a wave and I am on my way. Kind of nervous. It's been months and months. This day, it's been raining, and still is, the soft droplets caressing my forehead and cheeks. A brisk walk to wake my muscles up, and then time for the first fast interval. And I still got it in me. Week one, day one of the Couch to 5 K program is easy on my body, this body who just got up from the couch. Have decided to take it easy, to fill up my new beginning with successful training sessions. Wet concrete, running past people who are walking home from work. Sweat starts pouring between my shoulder blades. It's over almost as soon as it began.
Two days later, when it's time for my second run, my inner thighs, my buttocks and my calves are sore, because I forgot to stretch. I had to breastfeed the 9 weeker as soon as I got home, naturally. Three year old told me she missed me when I was gone. I had been out for 30 minutes.

But no matter how sore I am, I head out a second time this week, and when I return I stretch with my 3 yo climbing all over me.

"You've been out running, mom? You like running? Huh?"

"Yeah, I like running."

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